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SERTA Grades Feis

Fab feis this December. Wee saw some great results from some of our newest dancers showing great promise. 

Robyn McKinnie - 1st U8 Intermediate Priomh Comortas

Kiera Duffy - 2nd U9 Primary Priomh Comortas

Nuala Curtayne - 1st U9 Novice Primoh Comortas

Connor Power - 5th U9 Novice Priomh Comortas

Emily O'Hare - 7th U9 Novice Priomh Comortas

Maisie Shaw - 3rd U10 Novice jig

Ophelia Ollerenshaw - 1st U14 Novice Reel & Slip Jig 

Great Britain Championships 2018

Emma, Jess & Eliese took to the stage in Brighton to compete at the prestigious Great Britain Championships this October. 

Isle of Wight Parade

Despite the rain, this brilliant lot took to the street with big smiles and a great attitude to take part in the Isle of Wight Parade. Thanks also to the brilliant parents who supported, and a special shout out to Paul for bringing the fun and the music!