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All England Championships 2017

We had our most successful ever All England Championships this January in Watford. Congratulations to all of our dancers; most of which took home trophies for top 5 in their categories:

Polly Hall - Winner, Walkers Cup (first ever feis)

Robyn McKinnie - 2nd, U7 Beginners Cup

Katie Bunn - 3rd, U8 Beginners Cup

Saoirse Farrell - 5th U8 Beginners Cup

Emily Conlon - 1st U9 Beginners Cup

Sophie Doncom - 2nd, U11 Pre-Open Cup

Emma James - 2nd, U13 Pre-Open Cup

Katie Officer - 2nd, U16 Pre-Open Cup

Emma Doncom - 5th, U14 Open Championship

Bryony Boyce - 8th, U15 Open Championship

Katie Officer - 8th, U16 Open Championship

Eliese Lawrence - 5th, U17 Open Championship

Bonnie Little - 8th, U19 Open Championship

Jessi Holmes - 2nd, U19 Open Championship

Congratulations to all of our dancers who will be attending the World Championships in Belfast, 2017

Londubh Feis

Again we attended the Londubh Feis in Aldershot this December. For many of our small ones, this was their first competiton, and they all set off to a flying start. Here are a few highlights. 

Robyn Mckinnie - 1st, U7 Margaret Gunn Memorial Cup

Jessi Holmes - 1st, U19 Open Championships

Feis MK

It's always great to attend a new Comhdhahil Feis, and our first competition back in Milton Keynes after the summer holidays was a great start to the feis calendar. Particular congratulations to lena Smith and Halle Read for taking home top three places in their Pre-Open trophy dances

South Of England Open Championships

The 2016 South of England Championships saw particular success from Jessi Holmes and Antonia Tomlinson from the Isle of Wight who took home top 5 places in the open championships. 

World Championships, Killarney 2016

This year we took 6 of our best dancers to the World Championships in Killarney. Our beautiful ladies really made us proud on stage and showed what talent the UK South Coast has to offer. Here are a few highlights. 

Claddagh Feis, Watford 2016

This was our last chance to warm up before we head to Killarney for the An Comhdhail World Championships. Thank you to Marie Halpin and her school for a brilliantly run feis. 

Special congratulations to Halle Reade and Bryony Boyce for taking home first places in the Pre-Open category.  Also to our senior dancers Jessi Holmes and Antonia Tomlinson for placing in the top three in the open championships. 

Clare Feis, Aldershot 2016

Congratulations to our dancers who attended this lovely feis in Aldershot, Surrey. 

A special well done to Katie Officer and Emma James for winning their heavy dances in Pre-Open and moving into the Open category. 

All England, Watford 2016

The All England this year brought us great success. Congratulations to all of our dancers who took part, and particularly to our little beginners who attended their first feis. 

Congratulations to our senior figure team, placing first overall. 

Also, a huge well done to Bryony Boyce from the Isle of Wight, placing first overall in her category. 

Londubh Feis, Chertsey 2015

We all love how much the Londubh Feis gets us in the christmas spirit, and this year was no exception. Thank you to Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule to hand out some of the prizes. Here are a few little highlights. 

Herts Feis 2015

Dancers from Southampton and the Isle of Wight took part in the annual Herts Feis. A special congratulations to Imogen Walne from Southampton who placed first overall in her category.